Trekking the Sahara: Accepting the challenge

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As human beings, we are used to certain luxuries in life. A bathroom, a shower, a bed to sleep in, a chair to sit on, a glass of wine at the end of the day. And while a toilet may seem to be more of a necessity than a glass of wine, for instance, I group them all as luxuries, because the only true basic needs for a human being are food, drink, shelter, sleep, and oxygen. All of which we had plenty of during the trek. And yet, being used to these additional comforts, being without them can provide both a challenge and a wonderful learning experience. The problem is, we only tend to appreciate the learning experience of it all after the fact. So here is where our mindfulness practice is truly crucial.


After the first few days, I genuinely didn’t think I would make it until the end. My feet were blistered and swollen, my energy drained, and my body sore. What got me through that first wall (and maybe every other obstacle along the way) was remembering the impermanence of everything. The challenge would only last for a week. The struggle would soon be over. But even more so than knowing that the hard parts would soon come to an end, I realised that the wonderful parts will too. The shooting stars, the beautiful sand dunes, the wonderful people, the local songs by the campfire, the magnificent sunsets, the energizing sunrises, and just being in a new country, a new place, going through a once in a lifetime experience. I realised that this too shall pass. The good and the bad.


And that is when I started accepting the challenge for what it was. The blisters and the sunsets. The lack of a bed and sleeping under the stars. The lack of chairs and the incredible Moroccan food eaten on the ground. Accepting what is, and remembering that what is won’t last forever, made the challenge not only easier, but also richer, fuller, and that much more wonderful. It helped me carry on.

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Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my fundraising and during the challenge. You can read more about the fantastic work Beat does here, or add your donation here. Thank you for following my blog!Β 

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