What losing my grandfather taught me about mindfulness

This year has brought me some of the most amazing experiences of my life and some of the biggest hardships. This is the human way. In November, I lost one of the most important people in my life – my grandfather. And I dedicate the following blog post to him.


From the beginning of life, only one thing is certain – life, too, shall pass. Life and death are two sides of the same coin. You cannot have one without the other. Yet this knowledge goes only so far in helping us grieve over the loss of a loved one. And grief itself can teach us more than we may realise. It can help us remember that nothing is permanent. It can help us remember that life should not be taken for granted. And it can help us remember to live in the now, while we can. And this is the essence of mindfulness.


The second thing I was reminded of during the funeral was the value of human life. My grandfather was a wonderful person, with a fantastic career behind him, and a legacy that will be remembered for a long time. Yet his value did not lie in his career or in his money. His legacy was not the bridges he built or the partnerships he formed. He was remembered for his kindness. For his ability to make people laugh. For his family and the generations he created. For his personality. For the love he shared and the people he knew. For being a husband. For being a father to his daughter. For being a father-figure to many. For being the best grandfather I could have wished for. For just becoming a great-grandfather to my niece. For the places he has been and the place that he called home. And most importantly, he was remembered for his heart, beating louder than any other.


And finally, even that day came to an end. Like every other day before it. And time moved on. We forgave what needed to be forgiven. We preserved what needed to be remembered. And what we were left with was love. Love can come from many people and in many forms, each as wonderful and as powerful as the next. And when love is all that remains, we are reminded that love was really all that mattered in the first place.

You are missed

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