What my niece taught me about mindfulness

On September 23rd of this year, my wonderful niece was born and I fell in love. Today I am dedicating my first “Mindfulness Teachers” blog post to her. ย 


The first thing I felt when she was born (and what I feel every time I see her) is happiness. She reminds me over and over again that happiness, what we all strive for and what we all crave, is in the small things in life. It’s not in a new car, a big house, or a full bank account. It’s in laughter, family, and friendship. It’s in hugs, kisses, and kind words. Happiness is the natural state of human beings, because it comes from love. Everything that is material is external to us and is therefore often the cause of suffering, rather than its solution. True happiness comes from within.


The second thing my niece taught me is patience. And this goes out to all the mothers out there who know this fact far better than I can even imagine – having a baby is hard work. (That’s a bit of an understatement isn’t it?). But mothers, you are doing absolutely amazing! (Extra shout out to my sister here). We may be patient at work, patient in relationships, or patient when we encounter problems in life, but patience is taken to a whole new level when a baby is involved. Perhaps loving a baby so strongly makes patience easier, yet it is a lesson we are faced with nonetheless. Remembering that everything comes at the right time and that nothing is permanent helps us remain patient, grounded, and relaxed.


And finally, one of the most wonderful lessons a new-born can teach us is that we are all born equal. We are all born with the capacity for greatness. Most importantly, we are all born with the capacity for love, kindness, and mindfulness. We are all born to be happy. We are all born in the same way, on the same earth, and with the same rights to be who we are. We are all born, and we all die. That is the human way.

You are loved

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