Live outside the box


As promised, today’s blog post is somewhat different. Today I have a super exciting announcement to share with you all.

I have partnered with an amazing new enterprise called NoBox.

NoBox is a London-based Social Enterprise Startup that has emerged out of the desire to do things differently. Live your life outside the 9-to-5 routine, experience something new, open up to the world, follow your passion…

My NoBox Experience

NoBox experience is designed to bring you out of the box, put you in a different environment and help you connect with others. We want you to escape the routine and give you a space where you can get inspired, build new relationships and grow new ideas. We want to help you meet other aspiring change makers and life enthusiasts who like you are looking for a bit of a fresh air.

The first ever My NoBox Experience is set to take place this August (24th – 27th) on the Isle of Wight. As part of this pilot experience, you will get 30% off the retreat’s usual price. More than this, you will get to be a part of something new, wonderful, and potentially life changing!

And where do I come in? I have been invited to lead the meditation and visualisation sessions at the very first My NoBox Experience! Thrilled is an understatement. Mostly, I am so grateful to be able to contribute to such a wonderful enterprise. I hope as many of you as possible sign up for this fantastic opportunity and I am so excited to meet you all on the beautiful Isle of Wight!

What makes NoBox different?

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 16.16.37


We’ll take you out of your usual environment and create settings where you can relax and get inspired. We want you to forget about your daily routine and the stress it brings along. Somehow a bit of nature always does the magic and makes it easier to connect with oneself and others.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 16.17.04


Whether it’s a physical or mental activity, we want to take your mind of anything it’s being preoccupied with. Just clear your headspace and give you the opportunity to create something new. Learn something new. Do something exciting.

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 16.17.18


Close-knit friendly environment is what we’re after, that’s why we keep our groups small. Whether you’re coming with a friend or alone, you don’t have to worry about sitting by yourself somewhere aside. We want to create a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere where you can build new relationships, grow new ideas and perhaps learn something new about yourself . . .


Our inspiring activities are designed to suit each group individually and therefore differ from one retreat to another. You can expect your experience to be rounded with guided group talks, visualisations, meditations and/or self-development activity.

How do I sign up?

Find out more information about this fantastic experience on the NoBox website or in the My NoBox Experience brochure. Alternatively, comment on this blog post, contact me through the blog, or message me on my Instagram account and I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have!

I look forward to seeing you all there as we escape the routine, meet some wonderful like-minded individuals, connect with nature, and get inspired to live our best lives!



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